Our vision

We will be recognised as a leading global marketer, producer and supplier of high-quality, low-cost fertiliser products and services, creating sustained value for shareholders, customers and employees.

Our values


We do it right

  • We put safety first
  • We are ethical and compliant in our business dealings
  • We are stewards of the environment

We do it well

  • Our operations are productive and efficient
  • We are flexible to deliver the best solution
  • We focus on execution and results

We execute as a team

  • We collaborate and co-operate with colleagues and suppliers
  • We encourage people to challenge the norm and are open to new ideas
  • Our decisions are made on the basis of data and analysis
  • We work for the greater good of the team

We take a long-term view

  • We listen to and work with customers as a dependable, reliable partner
  • We are clear and honest in our dealings with all stakeholders
  • Our goal is outstanding financial performance

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“At CF we’re actively recruiting the best talent and making a long-term investment in our people, kit and facilities.”