Recruitment Process

To ensure fairness in recruitment, we have a structured process that everyone will follow. The steps include the following:


If shortlisted, you will be asked to complete online testing. The tests will vary depending on the role, but we require everybody to complete them.


Following the testing, we shortlist again to ensure we see the most suitable candidates. You will be contacted most likely by email inviting you to attend an interview with any necessary information such as location, time and what to expect.

The interview will cover your career history, Competency questions (where we look for real life examples of particular situations) and Technical questions.


Depending on the role, you might also be invited to have a tour around the plants before the interview. This is to give you an insight into the nature of our plants.

Second interview

Some roles will require a second interview, which is usually conducted by a different panel, and normally a smaller number of candidates than the first interview.


Upon completion of the interviews, the assessors will review the scores from the answers which will determine who is offered the role(s).

Each successful candidate will be contacted and offered for verbal acceptance which will then be followed up with the written offer with all relevant information on terms and conditions, pension and others.

For those unsuccessful, it will be because either you didn’t meet the minimum criteria or that we didn’t have enough vacancies. For those who don’t meet the criteria, they will be contacted informing them of their unsuccessful application.

Those who do meet the criteria but where there isn’t a vacancy will be informed of this, and asked whether they want to be placed in the talent pool. This means that should a similar vacancy arise within the next 6 months from interview, those in the talent pool will be considered before advertising the role.

Pre Employment Checks

As we are a top tier COMAH operation, depending on the role being offered it is important for those offered to successfully pass some or all of the following:

Security Check – You will need to provide copies of items such as passports and proof of address.

Medical – This ensures that you are able to carry out the job safely without risk of injury to yourself or others. You will be invited to attend this at one of our facilities.

Drug and Alcohol Test – We do this to make sure that you are clear of illegal substances and don’t have dependences on substances that would have a detrimental impact on your ability to carry out the role safely.

Confirm start date

Once you have successfully completed the relevant pre-employment checks and returned the paperwork, we will confirm to you in writing the start date of employment.

"Whoever you are, you’ll be welcomed into a team where anyone can fit in.”